Numerology With Vikram

Finding Cosmic Harmony with Gems and Numerology

Begin an intriguing voyage into the mysterious world of gems and numerology, where gemstone choosing becomes a craft led by the cosmic energies of numerological norms. Three different approaches allow this complicated dance to unfold:

According to the birthdate

According to the name number’s overall worth

According to the birth month

Selection According to Birthdate:

Sun’s Brilliance (1, 10, 19, 28): Those who are blessed with the Sun can bring luck and prosperity to all of their endavors in life by donning Ruby, Star Ruby, Garnet, Peridot, Golden Topaz, and Amber. Embrace of the Moon (2, 11, 20, 29): Pearl, Moonstone, and Jade are comforting to moon-ruled individuals and open doors for prosperity, emotional serenity, collaboration, and a calm mind. Better blood circulation and sound sleep are made possible by these gemstones.

Yellow Brilliance (3, 12, 21, 30): Those born under the influence of the number three can wear Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz, and Yellow Tourmaline, attracting prosperity in the family and social realms. While possibilities, intellect, and financial security increase, lung and chest illnesses become less common.

Organizational authority (4, 13, 22, 31): Gomeda, Hessonite Garnet, and Jaichint become allies for persons pursuing organizational authority, discipline, equality, and financial security. These gems heal the knees, foot, and urinary tract conditions.

Versatile Talent (5, 14, 23): Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline, Green Onyx, Emerald, and Malachite serve as vehicles for the development of literary skills, joy, security in finances, and political aptitude. In addition to improving abilities, these jewels help manage conditions relating to the liver, lungs, and nerves.

Harmony’s Embrace (6, 15, 24): For those born under the influence of the number 6, white tourmaline, diamond, turquoise, and spathic become talismans for a speedy marriage, a decent education, and harmonious houses. They give people appreciation, beauty, and harmony.

Visionary Ability (7, 16, 25): Wearing Tiger Eye or Cat’s Eye is believed to increase prosperity, success, well-being, and spiritual elevation. By encouraging creativity and lowering health issues, these gems support musicians, actors, creators, scientists, and research experts.

Blue Symphony (8, 17, 26): A tapestry of prosperity, vitality, good health, luck, and cultural advancement is woven by blue sapphire, blue tourmaline, star sapphire, and lolite/lapis lazuli. Delays, poverty, and barriers are removed, and issues with teeth, joints, and ears are completely resolved.

Bold Vitality (9, 18, 27): Red Jasper, Red Coral, and Red Tourmaline provide people the ability to succeed, heal, be strong, and be bold. These jewels cure kidney, piles, and fever- related problems while fostering temperance, bravery, and resistance that lead to a prosperous and happy family life.

Name-Based Numerology:

The intrinsic value of each letter serves as the foundation for a single-digit computation that directs gemstone selection. The name “Ajay Kumar,” for example, adds up to six, indicating that stones with this vibrational frequency are connected to it.

How to Compute

Let us first know how much each letter is worth.

A, I, J, Y, Q = 1
B, R, K = 2
C, S, L, G = 3
D, T, M = 4
E, H, N, X = 5
U, V, W = 6
O, Z = 7
F, P = 8

Let’s say someone has the name N. AJAY KUMAR. It must be added using the procedure outlined below.
5 +1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 6 + 4 + 1 + 2,
= 24
Or 24= 2 + 4 = 6, is the formula.

As a result, you should wear a stone for the ‘6’ number. If your name is Amoolya Bajaj, you should write
1+4+7+7+3+1+1 2+1+1+1+1

Or 3 + 0 = 3, is the formula.
As a result, the ‘3’ stone should be worn. All of the fortunate gemstones for each number are listed earlier in the section.

Month of Birth-Based Numerology

The month of one’s birth has great significance in the cosmic tapestry of numerology, which tells a tale of uniqueness and fate. Let’s dig into the magical world of gemstone choosing based on birth months, as interpreted by the field of numerology.

Saturn’s Embrace (15th Jan – 15th Feb):

Saturn rules those who were born between January 15 and February. As a result, people can wear emerald or blue sapphire to attract prosperity, pleasure, and stable finances. Anxiety, joint discomfort, and bile-related health issues would be resolved.

Saturn’s Light (15 February – 15 March):

Saturn is the governing planet for those who were born between February 15 and March 15. To gain respect, status, and wealth, they can wear lapis lazuli, blue sapphire, or amethyst. These aid with renal issues of various kinds.

Jupiter’s Sign (15 March – 15 April):

Jupiter rules those born between March 15 and April 15. They can thus wear Yellow Sapphire, Amethyst, Golden Topaz, and Yellow Topaz. They would gain bravery, prosperity, charity, and mastery over their unstable minds from them. These aid in managing sleeplessness.

Mars’ Strength (April 15–May 15):

The sign of Mars rules those born between April 15 and May 15. so that they may wear red tourmaline, red coral, red jasper, red garnet, and bloodstone. They would gain supremacy vigor and fortune from these. These aid in lessening inflammation and issues with the teeth, ears, eyes, and mouth.

Venusian Wealth (15th May – 15th June):

Venus is the governing planet for those born between May 15 and June 15. thereby enabling them to wear Spathik, Diamond, Turquoise, or White Zircon.

They will benefit from these in many ways, including luxury, success,
charity, and perseverance. These will lessen respiratory-related issues.

Mercury’s Radiance (15 June – 15 July):

Mercury rules those born between June 15 and July 15. Thus, they can wear Malachite, Emerald, Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline, or Onyx. These will bestow upon them intelligence, financial gain, and good fortune. These lessen psychological issues.

Lunar Grace (15 July – 15 August):

The Moon rules those born between July 15 and August 15. for them to wear Jade, Pearl, or Moonstone. They can rise in the industry by donning these precious gems. These provide prosperity in the arts, speculation, and employment. They lessen stomach issues.

Sun Radiance (15 August – 15 September):

The Sun rules those who were born between August 15 and September 15. They can don Amber, Golden Topaz, or Ruby. These will grant them credibility, the ability to develop their skill, administrative favour, and stable financial position. These lessen the sense of exhaustion.

Mercurial Influence (15 September – 15 October):

Mercury is the governing planet for those who were born between September 15 and October 15. They may choose to wear aquamarine, green tourmaline, or emerald. These provide oratory ability, more earnings, and consistent growth. These lessen the issue of anxiety as well.

Venusian Charm (15 October – 15 November):

Venus is the governing planet for those who were born between October 15 and November 15. They have the option of wearing spathic, diamond, or turquoise. These will provide them with charm, excitement, vitality, and a wonderful lifestyle. These help to remove pollutants from the skin and blood.

Martial Power (15th November – 15th December):

Mars is the sign that governs those who were born between November 15 and December 15. They can thus wear Red Coral, Red Jasper, or
Cornelian. They grant bravery, vigor, possessions, and fortune. These help to alleviate throat issues.

Jupiterian Prosperity (15 December – 15 January):

Jupiter is the governing planet for those who were born between December 15 and January 15. To wear yellow tourmaline, yellow sapphire, yellow jasper, etc. These can lessen joint discomfort and improve one’s health, spirituality, and financial situation.

Set off on this heavenly voyage, where every gemstone transforms into a celestial comrade, perfectly matched to the specific energies of your birth month, opening the door to wealth, health, and spiritual growth.

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